Rhythms of Life

Get Involved

From volunteering to donating, there are many ways you can help support the homeless with Rhythms Of Life

Food prepared to give out

Donate goods

We need donations of food, clothing, toiletries, laptops and mobiles phones.

Leave a gift in your will

This is where you set aside a portion of all your remaining estate after funeral expenses, debts and other gifts in the Will have been paid. This kind of gift is generally the most popular.

Ways to raise money

Every year supporters just like you do some weird wonderful mad and thoughtful things to raise money for Rhythms of Life.

ROL giving a presentation in the office at a well known banking firm

CSR Days

The generous support of companies and organisations can make a big difference to the health and dignity of the homeless. CSR days – Corporate Social Responsibility days – help companies to fulfil their responsibilities to make a positive impact.

Donate with Enthuse

Rhythms of Life use a service called “Enthuse”, which is technology to make it safe and easy to send online donations to charities.