Rhythms of Life


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days help companies to fulfil their responsibilities to make a positive impact on employees and communities through its activities.

CSR days also help improve the perception of a company amongst its staff, when they become involved through community volunteering.

Companies typically makes a donation to the charity and also pay for their staff to donate their time. Employees coming to a CSR day will typically help with food preparation and distribution, organising the foodbank, and sorting out clothes and toiletries organisation.

During the the day, they will guided by a regular Rhythms of Life volunteer, who will brief them on health and safety and answer any queries they have.

For more information or to book a CSR day, call 020 7998 9305 or email info@rhythmsoflife.org.uk.

csr day at Rhythms of life charity London
csr day at Rhythms of life charity London