Support us this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone, everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them.

You can volunteer your time; donate money; share your skills; campaign for something; donate goods, food, or clothes; organise a online event such as a Zoom party or get your friends and family to sponsor. The list really is endless.

Giving Tuesday is a day to give back by supporting a cause close to your heart or doing something good for your local community or someone in need. As a homelessness charity, we are striving to maintain our daily food distribution service for increasing numbers of rough sleepers. Times are particularly hard for homeless people right now with the streets in Central London deserted and the public facilities all closed. Any help you can give us will be much appreciated. At the moment, we are particularly looking for cash donations towards our running costs and volunteers to assist with food preparation and distribution.

To donate
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For other ways to give, please see our Donation Page

To volunteer
Email your name and mobile number to and we will get back to as soon as possible.