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Every day, 365 days of the year, Rhythms of Life’s incredible volunteers hit London’s streets to help those in need. Established as a hands-on, on the ground support system, Rhythms of Life provides food, care, and community to anyone and everyone that needs it. In March of this year, they were handed their notice on their premises, leaving them in the same position as so many of the people they help – facing impending homelessness. Rhythms of Life has started a fundraiser to raise emergency funds for a new home, which will give them the space and security they need to continue to advocate for the most vulnerable members of our society.

Queue for food

  Rhythms of Life was founded in 2008 by Andrew Faris. Having experienced homelessness first hand, Andrew wanted to provide the resources he desperately needed when he was on the streets – daily nutritious meals, lessons in life skills, help getting work, and support finding somewhere to live. Andrew profoundly understands the daily struggles and needs of the homeless community and works tirelessly to help break the cycle of homeless.

Through perseverance and commitment, and with the invaluable help of partners and volunteers, Rhythms of Life has been able to feed London’s rough sleepers every day for the past thirteen years.

Serving the community with food and drink

  Through collecting surplus donated food from Marks & Spencer, Wholefoods Market, Mr Organic and Coco Di Mama, Rhythms of Life are bridging the gap between the amount of food wasted daily, and the numbers of people going hungry. Rhythms of Life’s headquarters is pivotal to their operation – it’s their head office, distribution centre, storage, and kitchen. Without their headquarters, they will be unable to collect, store or prepare the meals and aid that so many homeless people rely on daily. This has been their home for the last 14 years and, whilst they are devastated to lose it, they are even more concerned for the impact it will have on those they help.

  Rhythms Of Life believes everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives and are urgently asking for your help. All money raised will go directly towards finding a new home and funding the aid and support they provide, and will ensure they are still able to offer a lifeline to those who need it the most.


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