Headquarters ransacked  At the beginning of September, squatters took over the HQ of Rhythms of Life.  A month later they left taking everything with them.   They took all the items due to go to those in need including toiletries and sleeping bags to give to people sleeping on the streets,  donations that had been …

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London boroughs fear summer of soaring homelessness

According to the London Councils website, London boroughs warn of a fast-approaching summer wave of homelessness in the capital. They point to a “triple whammy” of upcoming risks threatening to push homelessness pressures to record levels.

Homeles man sitting against a wall with a dog resting on his lap

Success Stories

He was part of a boy band but found himself on the streets. ROL saw him helped with food, clothing, and classes etc. After a long search for jobs Jerry eventually gained employment.

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