Headquarters ransacked 

At the beginning of September, squatters took over the HQ of Rhythms of Life.  A month later they left taking everything with them.  

Photo of the Rhythms of Life HQ after the squatters left

They took all the items due to go to those in need including toiletries and sleeping bags to give to people sleeping on the streets,  donations that had been collected for Rhythms of Life 12 days of Christmas campaign, as well as books and toys that had been collected for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  They also took the laptops and whiteboards used by those taking the much needed Rhythms of Life courses and even took or destroyed desks and chairs and even the kettle to make a cup of tea. 

Irreplaceable items were also stolen.  Andrew’s portfolio of photos he took including those of celebrities and models from the job which enabled him to get off the streets, is also gone.   

At the same time to make things even worse, Rhythms of Life were also evicted from the space and have themselves been homeless since then.  They now have to pay for a temporary kitchen in order to make much needed hot food.  For now, they continue to deliver food where they can but it is only what they are given that requires no preparation or cooking.

Rhythms of Life